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Akilandeshwari B.
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I pursued my BTech Biotechnology from VIT Vellore. Since then, I have had a huge curiosity and desire to broaden my knowledge in the field of Immunology. During my internship period in Cancer Institute of Chennai, I got hands-on experience in the  biochemistry department to estimate various components in cancer patient blood samples and also performed immunotechniques such as immunodiffusion. My final semester project for BTech was based on preparing a soft gelatin capsule for plaque removal in atherosclerosis. I have always made the best of every opportunity to pursue novel research ideas, learn, explore, and develop my skills throughout my earlier projects and internships. 

My current interest focuses on developing a novel immunoassay based diagnostic kit involving important inflammatory biomarkers. Apart from being a passionate biotechnologist, I love dancing, painting and public speaking.

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