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Himanish Ray
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From my school days I developed my inclination towards science subjects so I pursued my B.Sc. in Physiology from A.B.N. SEAL college and M.Sc. in Biological science from Presidency University Kolkata. My dissertation work is about understanding the studying effect of arsenic on secondary reproductive organs of rats. After completing my B.Ed. in June 2021 and I joined MTech program in Bioscience and Bioengineering at IIT jodhpur. My interest about child psychology and cognitive disorders has driven me to explore and work in the field of Brain science. Here at IIT jodhpur I joined Dr. Sushmita Jha’s lab. Currently, I am exploring the molecular cross talk between non-glial cells and glioblastoma.

In free time I like travelling, exploring street foods, listening Sunday suspense and spending time with family and friends.

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