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Rahul Kumar

Rahul is currently doing his Ph.D. at the University of New Mexico. He has completed his master’s degree from our laboratory.

My Lab experience 

“As an enthusiastic neurobiology researcher, I exhibit a keen interest in the study of neuro-genetic engineering. Considering this, I have worked in a Neurogenetics lab at UNESCO- Regional Center of Biotechnology, Faridabad before admitting into the Master’s program at IIT Jodhpur. Here in IIT Jodhpur, after completing the course work, I joined Dr. Sushmita Jha's laboratory in January 2020 for a master's thesis project. In this duration, I had an opportunity to learn about innate immunity, NLRs, inflammasome, and Glioblastoma. During my time in lab I learned about molecular biology and cell culture. It was a great experience for me to work at IIT-J under the guidance of Dr. Sushmita Jha. The working atmosphere in the lab was nice and seniors were always available to help me with my doubts regarding experiments which improved my scientific skills.

While working in the lab, I learnt how to plan experiments and how to execute them. Other than this, all the lab meetings, presentations also helped me to improve my writing and presentation skills. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for me in the lab”

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